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Download and install Directx 9.0c for Windows 7, 10 and 11

In the world of information technology, the most professional graphic designers, designers, and gamers often use software that supports game speed, updates graphics to create the best work efficiency. Among these support software is DirectX 9.0c which is used by many people.
You are using a gaming computer and the graphics are a bit slow when working. Try using Directx 9.0c. To understand and be able to download directx 9.0c for windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 and 11, let's find out with Techzezo what Directx 9.0c is first.

What is Directx or Directx 9.0c?

directx 9.0 c, also known as directplay 9.0, is the next version of software that supports graphics and security on the system, greatly helping users' jobs. With directx 9.0 download, you will see faster frame rates, and especially support for new and large multiplayer games.
Directx 9 version also improves audio when running multimedia-heavy programs such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animations and surround sound. Currently, if you don't download directx 9.0 or later, you won't be able to play the latest games or use rich multimedia software.
For those who love to play games, dx 9 is even more useful, especially downloading directx 9.0 c helps gamers have extremely interesting gaming experiences with high quality sound and images. So downloading directx 9 is your best choice right now.
Directx software so far has continuously upgraded in terms of versions and also has significant improvements in features that bring users more practical benefits.
Along with Net Framework, DirectX is indispensable software for computers. While Net Framework supports installation and programming programs, DirectX is used to improve the quality of graphics and music.

To launch java on your PC or laptop, you need to download java and then install it on your computer with high security and rich and varied adjustment modes to help you manage and set up programs.
The installation of directx 9.0 c is quite simple, but installing DirectX 9.0c many people still have difficulties making the installation unsuccessful. You can see the instructions on our site to install this software faster and easier.

Download and install Directx 9.0c for Windows

Step 1: Please access the link below:
  • Directx 9.0c download link
  • Step 2: Please create a new folder on the desktop. Copy the downloaded directx_Jun2010_redist.exe file to the folder you just created on the desktop.
    Step 3: Right click on directx_Jun2010_redist.exe select Open.
    Step 4: Click Yes.
    Step 5: You click Browse... select the folder you just created on the desktop, Click OK.
    Step 6: Wait for the decompression process.
    Step 7: Open the file DXSETUP.exe
    Step 8: Select I accept the agreement => Next.
    Step 9: Select Next.
    Step 10: Wait for installation, click Finish.
    Thereby, desktop computers, laptops have been through the installation of DirectX 9.0c for win 7. Techzezo hopes that through the article you know what Directx 9.0c is? and how to install Directx 9.0c for windows will make the laptop run faster and more powerful with applications.


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